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Attachment Focused Family Therapy

We live in very stressful times and trying to manage work, family life and find time for our own relationships can feel overwhelming. Our kids are pressured as well, trying to balance, friendships, school, sports, preparing for college or other future endeavors. When families are under stress, it becomes difficult to stay connected. You may feel that you have lost touch with your kids. Maybe you worry that they are making poor choices, or find that you are arguing more than you used to. Maybe you are feeling unsure as to how to help them navigate all of these present day challenges.When working with families, I use an attachment focused and family systems treatment approach that incorporates the latest research and best practice models. My services are strength- based family centered, and culturally competent.

In order to provide the best treatment for children, parents must be equipped with a specific set of skills that will help them and their children to feel successful. Both parents and children soon discover that I notice how each member of the family brings with them unique experiences and that sessions are focused on all family members and not just the child.

There may be times during the clinical process when I might choose to meet with parents without their child present. The therapy process can trigger certain responses from our past, causing parents to respond in ways that are not optimal to making the changes their family needs. At times couples disagree about how to best meet their child’s needs. I will work with you to understand your responses and assist you in developing the tools you need to actively engage in the therapy process with your son or daughter.

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