Parent Coaching

  • Is your child having difficulty concentrating on tasks at home or at school?
  • Does it feel like you have to tell your child the same thing over and over again?
  • Are teachers calling you about your child's behavior?
  • Does your child seem to have a hard time making and keeping friends?
  • Does your child push you away, have tantrums or appear to be filled with rage?
  • Do you feel confused and unsure of what to do?

Children exhibit these types of behaviors for many reasons and trying to figure them out on your own is not always possible. It can be so hard to ask for help, but we all need help from time to time. I know you love your child, but parenting a child with developmental, emotional, mental health or behavioral needs can be very challenging. While working with children and families in mental health agencies, schools and in private practice I have learned that every child has the potential to succeed and that with help, parents are their best advocates. Let me help you help your child be the best he or she can be.

C.O.A.C.H is an acronym I developed that outlines my parent coaching strategies.

Self-regulated, provides safe environment, provides structure based on developmental and emotional needs of the child

Open to the whole child. Being fully present and engaged. Open to future possibilities. If adopted, open to birth family history and connection.

Accepting of the child's and family's unique needs, strengths and challenges, open to the fact that parents are the experts on their children, accepting of the child’s past trauma, placement and birth family history

Can ask questions, has a sense of wonder, creative, willing to explore with the child and family

Helps parents believe in themselves and their children, provides resources and identifies supports, provides tools for success. Demonstrates belief in the child. Encourages challenges and assists in meeting goals.

Contact Me

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